Thursday, January 07, 2021

Problematic Politician Privilege

Saw this post on twitter tonight:

Live on @KCBSRadio, @RepGaramendi says members of the House have already written up new articles of #impeachment and @realDonaldTrump will "absolutely" be impeached again if he's not removed under the 25th. He says impeachment will be rapid and come "early next week."

What? Next week? lol. This demonstrates part of the problem we have in this country - privileged politicians. Couple of examples: we have an immediate and imminent threat to our nation and oh "early next week". We have front line healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers that haven't gotten vaccines but our politicians have gotten theirs because they are oh so important. Important enough to respond to an imminent national security issue with "early next week".

This type of optics creates resentment in your average citizen along the whole left-right spectrum. Politicians are becoming like Lawyers, nobody likes them. For most of us though, we realize that many of our elected representatives really do work really hard for us. There are many who don't think so and that resentment has festered. The GOP in general has been fanning this resentment for political advantage. Personalities like Sarah Palin are able to tap it and leverage it. Donald Trump is a master of it. The inability of Democrats and centrist Republicans to see this is one our biggest problems. You cannot show yourself getting a vaccine when my wife an "essential worker" doesn't get one. She doesn't get to go to Walter Reed if she has problem. The optics is awful and you plant the seeds the GOP uses against you.(I'm speaking to Democrats mostly).

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