Wednesday, February 28, 2024

INDIA: The Land Of Ahimsa [Official Documentary]

My goal this year is to be more intentional, and specifically how I show up in terms of the environment, animal rights, as well as my own personal health outcomes. As I was writing a draft post on that intention, I also happened to see a couple of whole food plant based lifestyle films or videos on youtube. One ties in nicely to my yoga mindset around ahimsa, a documentary called INDIA: The Land of Ahimsa

I briefly touch on Ahimsa in my "yamas" blog post, but it basically means non-harming, non-violence. It is a fundamental aspect of not only yoga but all of the Indian philosophically based religions and philosophies. The fact that the tile has a question mark on suggests that India may not be the land of Ahimsa...check it out.

Why I Am Returning My Pixel Phone and Watch and Buying Apple

Apple products just work.

Google products do not.

Let me explain. I am a user of Google Workspace, or G Suite as it was known for while and a couple other names I think. I am also a Fitbit user and use it to track steps, heart rate, sleep score. In fact I'm a premium account on Fitbit. I log into Fitbit with my Google Workspace account and no problems.

As and aside, I also have a Macbook Pro and and I pad, and I still have my iPhone 13 from work.