Wednesday, February 28, 2024

INDIA: The Land Of Ahimsa [Official Documentary]

My goal this year is to be more intentional, and specifically how I show up in terms of the environment, animal rights, as well as my own personal health outcomes. As I was writing a draft post on that intention, I also happened to see a couple of whole food plant based lifestyle films or videos on youtube. One ties in nicely to my yoga mindset around ahimsa, a documentary called INDIA: The Land of Ahimsa

I briefly touch on Ahimsa in my "yamas" blog post, but it basically means non-harming, non-violence. It is a fundamental aspect of not only yoga but all of the Indian philosophically based religions and philosophies. The fact that the tile has a question mark on suggests that India may not be the land of Ahimsa...check it out.

I thought it was okay better than the Netflix You Are What You Eat which was a thinly veiled infomercial for a fancy $355 per person dinner restaurant and Miyoko's vegan cheese business, including the unsubtle vegan, environmental agenda (nothing wrong with an agenda) and barely suggested anything of import. It could have been still better I think and they really missed the opportunity of tying the Yama's more tightly to the vegan movement in India that would have been way more interesting. It partially felt superficial at times and in tone. I'd have to think more about how it could be made better. As it is it was okay.

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