Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Tao Te Ching Verse - Week #29

Hey friends, it's been a while. I got out of the habit of doing the blog posts, not sure why. I am here to try and rectify that because I think it is important for me to have some discipline and rigor in my life. My goal for this blog, I guess, is to be a record of some of my thoughts and activities. Not earth shatteringly important to anyone other than myself maybe and that's okay. This blog, dear reader, is really for me.

The last time I posted we had just finished an unofficial Engine 2 Seven Day at Hyland. Well, coincidentally we are on Day 5 of our second Seven Day Rescue! And we have two more coming up, one in May and one in June. It's pretty awesome that Hyland stepped up and added it to their currently wellness initiative called the "Whole Hylander". It looks at wellness as more than just diet and excercise, but also community, mindfulness and financial well being.

I have also taken up a larger role in PlantBasedCLE as the previous President stepped down. She stepped down for the best of reasons, she is a victim of her own success, and Engine 2 where she works is giving her more and more responsibility. Which unfortunately for us means she has less time to dedicate to the organization. I have stepped in as President with my high school buddy John as Vice President. We created a new board of directors and re-started monthly meetings and activities which we had paused over the holidays.