Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Historical Second Impeachment

Donald Trump was impeached for the second time today by the House of Representatives. While the vote pretty much split along party lines, 10 Republicans were brave enough to choose the country and the Constitution over cultish, seditionists and domestic terrorists. While it is clear that there are a significant number of GOP representatives that are choosing cult and sedition over the constitution, including Ohio House Representatives Jim Jordan and David Joyce, the sole true patriot of the republican representatives from Ohio was Anthony Gonzalez.

Here is the full list of Republicans that choose providing succor and harbor to domestic terrorists including Donald Trump:

Ohio Republican House of Representatives (as of January 2018 source wikipedia )
Ohio's 1st district: Steve Chabot (R) (since 2011)
Ohio's 2nd district: Brad Wenstrup (R) (since 2013)
Ohio's 4th district: Jim Jordan (R) (since 2007)
Ohio's 5th district: Bob Latta (R) (since 2007)
Ohio's 6th district: Bill Johnson (R) (since 2011)
Ohio's 7th district: Bob Gibbs (R) (since 2011)
Ohio's 8th district: Warren Davidson (R) (since 2016)
Ohio's 10th district: Mike Turner (R) (since 2003)
Ohio's 12th district: Troy Balderson (R) (since 2018)
Ohio's 14th district: David Joyce (R) (since 2013)
Ohio's 15th district: Steve Stivers (R) (since 2011)
Ohio's 16th district: Anthony Gonzalez (R) (since 2019) true patriot

Jim Jordan has clearly sided with sedition and domestic terrorism. I do not know where the others stand however it is clear that David Joyce is a coward issuing a non-statement decrying violence at the Capitol but continuing to lie about the election. At least Jim Jordan owns his treason and is loud and proud about it. In one sense I respect that. The people that disgust my are people like David Joyce who is so afraid to go against the seditionists he can condemn violence but not the perpetrators of the violence. Partially because that is who is electing him. In the end though not a single one of them other Rep. Gonzalez stood up and protected the constitution. They chose political expediency over the constitution.

Let me be clear about my opinion until there is information that proves it wrong (I think it will not only be validated but we'll actually see much worse: see this thread by Seth Abramson on twitter), Donald Trump and his cohorts incited an armed resurrection designed to stop the duly elected congressianl representatives from conducting their constitutional duty resulting in 5 deaths. I think we will find out we were lucky it was only 5 and none of the fatalities were members of Congress. There is no higher crime a sitting President can committ. The "party of Law & Order" has shown its true colors - the are the party that like law and order only if it benefits them, and only approves of democracy and elections that they win. They are not true Americans and they are not the party of law and order. They are an organization that provides harbor and succor to our Nation's enemies, domestic terrorists like proud boys. Until I am proven wrong, this is our current status quo where 197 Republican in the House of Representatives are traitors to our country, our constitution, our democracy.

I had a short friendly exchange with someone, identifying themselves as "former GOP" who suggested that of the 74 million that voted for Donald Trump were regular folks that benefitted from his policies and did not support the events that occured on 1/6/21. My response to that is what are they doing so notify the above representatives and Senator Rob Portman that they are against armed, seditious insurrection and to hole those accountable including Donald Trump. Otherwise all they are doing is saying my issue be it abortion, lower taxes, eliminating Obamacare, gun rights, whatever, that issue is so important that it is okay to disregard the Constitution of the United States, that any illegal activity including murdering Law Enforcement is an acceptable price to pay to get your issue through.

If that last sentence describes you, you are deplorabe and an enemy of the United States. Asking for unity and peace in the face of that is not tenable, there will be no quarter.

On the other hand, if you do feel like it has gone to far, ask your Senators to convict Donald Trump. That's all it takes, is holding the appropriate people accountable for their insurrection. I have no problems having disagreements with you over policy. Sometimes you will, sometimes we will in. That's how it works.

And just so you know, 2020 was the first time I registered to party and donate to campaigns. I did so because I foresay the betrayal of the United States by Donald Trump. I registered Democrat, voted Democrat up and down the ticket even if I had to hold my nose. Those of you who supported Donald Trump need to dig deep and consider how were you so fooled by a narcissitic sociopath? And you need to ask yourself, is owning up to your mistake so hard that you can't admit it was a mistake and rectify it? Project Lincoln has. It is your turn.

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