Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Google Cloud Playground

I have been playing around with the Google Cloud Platform. I have deployed a MoinMoin Wiki on a Debian vm. You can access it here: wiki.neohawk.org. So today I was leaving myself some notes on what I had done so I won't forget where I was and I realized that it counts for by "blog" to do list item. So I can check it off. I have transposed (i.e. cut and paste) it below.

I have installed Django in my user directory with a virtual environment for python. I have have not yet run python migrate so the database is not yet created nor is the super user. I have added django-wiki and will probably add django-newsfeed. I really want to add the django cms blog but that means I need to install django-cms which was complicated the first time around. Zinnia has a weird chrome extension it wants you to plug in before seeing their website so that's a hard pass. another popular blog seems to be from feincms which again is a whole cms which I'm not really looking for. I really want flat pages, a blog, and a wiki. I might had photos and videos at a later date but for now that will be sufficient.

With this site here, I added two macros to the installation so I figured out how to do that which is cool. Unfortunately I didn't write it down so I've forgotten what the actual command was but I'll figure it out again. I did not do the theme because I couldn't figure out how to download the them on to the GCP vm. For whatever reason, lynx and wget aren't like it, or maybe it is a security thing on GCP. I don't think that's the case because I'm pretty sure I've been able to download a tarball before. So we'll slowly plug away at that.

I just realized this counts for a "blog post" ;-)

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