Sunday, January 17, 2021

Browns Lose Divisional Playoff Game to KC

The Cleveland Browns played in their first divisional round of the NFL playoffs since 1994 today. They lost their first divisional playoff game since 1994 too. However, while I am disappointed and am not disappointed in the season,the result of this game or the team. This season and this team went way beyond anybody's expectations. At the beginning of the season I was hoping for a winning record 8-7 or even a reach of 9-6. We ended at 11-4 and won a wildcard spot. Finally, we played in the divisional round of the playoffs. This season was a huge success!!

Thank you Cleveland Browns!!!

Having not only a winning season but beating Pittburg in the final game to get to the wildcard round was so cool in and of itself. We won that game against arch-nemesis Pittsburg for our second win against them this season and first time in Heinz field in 17 games. How delicious is that!? We have an offensive line that is in the top 5 of their positions (except for our Left Tackle, Wills, who is a rookie). We had two of our young secondary draft picks out all year with injuries and several players opting out this year to COVID. Clearly Baker Mayfield is our quarterback and Stefanski is keeper as coach. Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, I could go on and on about the special players we have on this team. This year was just the start.

Clearly we still have holes on our team that need to get filled. I'd say our secondary and linebackers need an upgrade. Injuries to both Grady and Grant Delpit can be career ending injuries (pray they are not!) so we need to fill those in case they can't play. Our whole linebacking core needs an upgrade. We probably need a other edge rusher and hopefully Andrew Billings pans out as a run stuffer because our D-Line should be better. It's solid but needs a little more. Everywhere we more depth and more speed.

It was clear to me that Kansas City was just faster than we were. Maybe it is because they've been playing together for a few years they know where they need to be but it just seemed they were always faster. we need to upgrade our speed. I'd also have to say that I think I'd prefer if they move play calling to Van Pelt, I just don't like Stefanski's play calling. I mean it is not awful, they are winning but I think it could be much, much better. Offensively thought I think it is just incremental improvements, but the defense needs a make over

Again, I am very pleased with the season. And unlike other citizens I am going into the offseason and 2021 in general optimistic. And for that alone I am grateful to this year's Browns team!

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