Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ken Gets Stitches

A day or so ago, I tweeted a link to a WKYC video on Carey Spear, the MHS football kicker, and a captain of the Varsity Soccer team. A facebook buddy from childhood comment that he saw the video and saw that Carey also has a 4.5GPA. I responded that he's a nice kid, and his whole family is too.

So how does he thank me for this compliment?

He headbutts my son in the mouth, causing Ken to get two stitches. Okay, so it wasn't a headbutt. It wasn't even intentional. They just happened to collide and Carey's head hit Ken. Actually, it was pretty lucky that Carey didn't get a tooth stuck in his head.

But Ken did get two stitches. We spent two hours at Hillcrest to get the two. That's an efficiency of 1 sph(stitch per hour). Actually, we were pretty lucky as it we walked right in. When we left, however, there was a line of like 10 kids. Looks like they were mostly athletes - a couple of football players, a couple of soccer players. The rest were little kids who looked like they had the flu.

Just hoping I don't get the flu. If I do, it'll be ironic that I will have probably caught it at the hospital...

We had a physicians assistant look at Ken. Actually, she was a student to become a physician's assistant. She tried to stitch Ken up but failed twice. At that point she waved the white flag and asked the Doctor to stitch Ken up for her. Which she did quite nicely, too bad that by the time she started digging around Ken's mouth the anesthesia had worn off.

I was going to write a blistering post but this student looks at Arisa and I and asks "What language were you speaking?". I answer Japanese, and she looks at us and says "私の名前はメーガンです" (My name is Megan). Turns out that 5 years ago she spent a month in Oita Prefecture and picked it up while she was there.

So she spent a month in Japan five years ago and can remember several Japanese words and phrase. Color me impressed!!

So thanks Megan for trying to fix Ken up and good luck with your studies!

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