Friday, October 23, 2009

Going to Start Testing Templage

I am looking at moving my whole domain to Google.  I already have google apps for mail, shared family documents, calendars, etc.
I'd prefer to set up a blog on google app engine and am following this series on creating a blog on gae.   But I'm also going to see if I can tweak the blogger template to match my Neohawk.Org design.  Neohawk is currently using byteflow which I really like, but one thing I like about blogger is the ability to email in posts.  I have yet to find a django-based blog that pretty much works out of the box and has that and xlmrpc.  Blogger has both.

On the other hand, what I don't like about Google products in general is that they are never finished.  And what I mean by that is not the ever present "beta" on their products/services, but rather the functionality.  One example would be shared contacts in a google apps domain.  The only contacts that are shared are other domain users.  I *already* know my domain users as one's my wife and the other three are my kids.  What I wanted was to share address books between domain users so that if my wife adds somebody to her contacts, that person also shows up in mine.  

Another example is the inability to use picasa, google reader and other google products and services using my google apps domain.  Probably the most annoying of all.  Wouldn't it be brillant if Google would set up your google app domain as an openid provider like they do with your google account.

But I can't complain about the cost, and it's fun to try the various things they got so I keep beating my head against the wall hoping the eventually get this stuff right.  

Maybe google wave will fix it....

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