Sunday, November 07, 2010

Browns Pound Pats

Okay, so the game against the Steelers I thought the Browns played well even though they lost. Then they played even better and pretty much spanked the Saints. After watching the Browns since returning from Japan, they have been bad. So those two games were a definite improvement but I wasn't sold on them or the coaching staff.

Last year, I even called for Mangini's head early on in September. Since the didn't I gave him a free pass for this season, but in return I have called for Brian Daboll's head as this year was some of the worst play calling I have ever seen.

Crow, meet my mouth.

For the Steelers and Saints game I was thinking of having to eat crow on my call for Daboll's head. Today, with the absolute dismantlement of the Patriots, I have to eat crow. The hand off to Stuckey for the touchdown was a masterful call, and superbly executed. Everyone in the world was thinking here we go again, Cribbs run to the right out of the wildcat. Nope, fulled pretty much everyone, and they clearly borrowed the "confused" look from the Defense this week. It worked, it was fun to watch.

It certainly helps that Hillis is an absolute beast, and it looks like we have a real QB with nowhere to go but up in Colt McCoy. Hillis just does not give up an gets extra yards. And he's a receiving threat too. Colt made maybe 2 or 3 questionable throws, but was lucky enough that they didn't hurt the Browns. In return he made some great throws and 2 or 4 superb plays including the touchown scramble. Huge props to Josh Cribbs for the block on that play too.

I just hope that the Browns can continue to play at this level for the rest of the season. I'm not really worried about wins and losses this year. Never have been. I want progress, and a competitive football team for which I can cheer and root.

The last three week, but particularly this complete destruction of the Patriots makes me believe that it's possible. Of course, being a Cleveland pro sports fan there's always that part of me that is just waiting for things to come apart. Always seems to with our teams.

But if they play like they did today, even if we lose it'll be fun to watch.

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