Sunday, November 21, 2010

Browns Lose Another Close One

The Cleveland Browns just lost another close game to the Jaguars.
With a little over 2 minutes left in the game, Maurice Drew-Jones
breaks out for a huge gain, finally stopped by Joe Haden on the 1 yard
line. 20 seconds later the Jags went scored the game winningTD. Colt
and the Browns did an admirable job to in the final 1:40 to try and
score, but the Jags got an interception on a bobbled catch.

The thing that sucks about this game is the absolute inability to
generate any offense after five interceptions. That's five
interceptions and only one field goal out of it. True Phil Dawson
missed to FG attempts but they were both 50 yards or more.

My question for you experts out there is this - why was the offense so
anemic? Injury to Wolmak? No WRs? Did Ben Watson play at all in the
second half?

What happened?

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