Sunday, December 06, 2009

Damn You Byteflow!


As many of you know, I've been using Byteflow for this site and blog. Byteflow is a blog system built in Django. The glorious design(sarcasm) is mine. I should also add that the News and Links are little modules that I created. Which I'm pretty proud of as I'm not a programmer/coder, and even though they are real simple and pretty featureless (no RSS for example).

That's one of the things I like Byteflow, which is really a blog system, is that I can build other "apps" and include it into the blog to make it a "cms". And Django is fairly easy to get your head around to do so, at least for the easy stuff.

Anyway, as I posted in "New URL", I was planning to move everything over to Google, particularly the blog over to blogger - this one in particular: For one reason, it's free. Free as in no charge, not the FLOSS free. It was a cost saving measure as I run this site one a vps, from VPS Village. Now it's not terribly expensive, in fact it's inexpensive. I'm sure I might find even cheaper ones. But if I'm going to move my site for cost reasons, it'll be to free rather than for just less money.

More importantly though, I was going to switch simply because it was easier to post to blogger than it was to a Byteflow blog. My number one "complaint" or dissatisfaction with Byteflow was simply the inability to post to my blog via ScribeFire (what I'm using now) or other blog editor/tool. I always had to go in via the web admin interface. Where as with Google's blogger, I could use a blog tool like ScribeFire to post to it. It just makes it easier to post which means I'll post more often. Or that's the idea anyway.

So here I was getting ready to move. I updated my dns so that you could see, and I posted all of the entries from here to my blogger blog. I was playing around with Google Sites (useless for my current needs), App Engine Site Creator (cool, and usable, but just not quite right for this - I do use it elsewhere). But I was going to bite the bullet since every decision involves trade offs. I'd be getting a blog that's easier to post to, but a weaker solution for non-blog stuff. And less control, or more work really, to control the look and feel of the site.

So what do the developers of Byteflow do? They fix Byteflow so it now can handle the MetaWeblog API, and therefore using blog editing tools like ScribeFire(apparently Echto works too). Damn you! Stop making Byteflow so usable!

So now I'm back to using Byteflow at least for the foreseeable future. I may end up posting in both blogs until I finally make up my mind. But for now, Byteflow wins again.

Damn you Byteflow!

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