Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mayfield JV Beats Brush 1-0

It rained the whole game and pretty hard for big portions of it. Regardless, the Mayfield JV soccer team played its best game of the season, handing Brush High SchoolJV Team a 1-0 loss.

I know I'm biased, but it was also Ken's best game of the season. He absolutely controlled the midfield (he plays center mid), and pretty much played 1-2 touch the whole game. It was very rare he had more than one or two touches, but he always knew where he was going with the ball before he got it, and facilitated switching sides. He had one shot off the crossbar, that bounced straight down , and didn't go in before the keeper jumped on it. I think that's his second shot off the crossbar this season.

The team overall also played it's best game of the season and pretty much dominated from the get go. Brush only had a few opportunities and not very good ones a that. If there was something missing from the game, it was more shots on goal by Mayfield. With the ball and field wet and slippery from the rain, they should have been peppering the goalie with shots, and trying to skim them on the ground.

Mayfield scored its only goal off a free kick which was perfectly placed. It should have been more of a lopsided score but Brush's defense was just tough enough, Mayfield's offense just weak enough that it ended with just that one goal.

Ken also got a yellow card. It was a weak call. Ken tried to kick the ball and missed and on the follow through hit an opposing player's shin. It was clearly unintentional. Even the referee apologized to Ken after the game, telling him he had to call it even though he was fully aware that it was unintentional and not malicious. Anyway, that's Ken's second yellow card of the season.

Mayfield JV is now 6-3 with the losses coming to Strongsville, Hudson, and North Royalton. They have outscored their opponents 36-14, largely due to 2 games where they scored 20 goals.

I went to watch the Varsity game where Mayfield and Brush played to a 0-0 tie. I'm baffled by the coach's decision to put the best player up as forward. It basically takes him out of the game for the most part, and Mayfield is unable to control the midfield. With 10 minutes left, the coach did put him back to center mid and that's when Mayfield looked really dangerous. Mayfield was completely outplayed in the first half, but made the right adjustments I think and were pretty dominant in the second half. The play of Kyle Kosky (sp?) was the main reason that Brush had very few opportunities, he was just a monster this game.

So I'm guessing that Varsity is now 5-3-1.

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