Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cleveland Browns Are Bad

I was not going to post anything negative about the Browns this season, since I knew that it was going to be a bad team. In fact, I anticipated we'd be lucky to match last year's record. But I expected progress and improvement from a terrible Crennel era.

No such luck.

If anything they are a worse team under Eric Mangini. The team has not improved week to week, losing in increasingly embarrassing fashion. Half way through today's game I couldn't help but think how hard it is for these guys to play with the intensity they need to be competitive. I'm actually okay with the Defense, as bad as it got beat up by the Ravens, but special teams is pretty weak and the offense non-existent.

Once again, our Quarterbacks look worse than they probably are since we have no offensive line. (Well it is offensive, but you know what I mean.) I was not surprised by anything Derek Anderson did today as that's Derek Anderson. I knew that he'd make it more interesting, but in the end would throw picks that would kill any drive. Nor would he get us into the end zone. Brady Quinn, on the other hand, looks bad. He looks like he's afraid to throw longer than 5 yards. I cannot understand why when Brady is the QB the receivers run 2-3 yards short of the 1st down marker.

Whose fault is that? Is that the Offensive Coordinator or Brady? Or both? I noticed that when Derek was in most of the receivers were passed the first down marker on their routes. So is the coaching staff holding Brady in check? Is there something we don't know? I can't tell, but it looks like the offense isn't designed to go deep when BQ plays. But there are also glimpses of Brady just not wanting to throw it deep.

Anyway you look at it, neither is currently working out.

And the problems come down to the current management. Poor draft choices, poor trades, and implementing overbearing discipline. When you have five players filing complaints, there has to be a problem. When you have "fights" breaking out in the locker room there has to be a problem. When two players the Browns passed up on in the draft are starting and looking like pro-bowl material, and our picks are playing there as to be a problem.

With the management and coaching staff.

So against all common sense and probably all rational thought, my gut reaction is to fire Eric Mangini today. I would normally agree that you give a new coach some time to start building. However, Mangini has made so many missteps already that I don't think anything of value is achievable. Cut and run now.

Can you imagine, two Erics fired in one year in Cleveland. Music to my ears.

Of course, we all know what the real problem is. Randy Lerner, the owner. Until ownership is changed, a chance at a competitive football team is a pipe dream. I understand that he is probably making money on the enterprise. Unfortunately, it also appears that he has no pride either. I imagine that most folks who run money-making enterprises actually take pride in the quality of the products and services they provide. Randy apparently has zero pride, putting up with garbage year in and year out.

I was hoping to start a movement to have the residents of Northeast Ohio to purchase the team from Sir Lerner. Unfortunately, a short stop at wikipedia cured me of that particular nonsense...Green Bay was "grandfathered" to allow more than 32 owners of a particular team. Even so, it may be interesting to look into it some more since simply asking Sir Lerner to sell is not the answer since there is no guarantee that he'll sell it to anyone who is 1) going to keep the team in Cleveland, 2) be any good for the team.

Lacking that, though, they need to fire Eric Mangini. I know, it's probably not smart but nothing else the Browns organization has done in the last 10 years is either. So why stop now. Just fire the twit.

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