Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy Ramen Lunch

GYO LogoWe had a really simple lunch today, instant Ramen really. We did add something to make it something a little more than a lunch of MSG. And since I didn't actually take pictures of last weeks final product, which I'll post about here in a bit, I have decided to use this for this week's GYO post.

We've been growing Bak Choi and it's been doing really well. In fact, I probably planted a little too much of it. But that means we've been eating a lot of it too which isn't a bad thing. Last week we had this version:

pork/bak choi ramen

Today, we grabbed some Bak Choi from the garden:

bowl of bak choi

If you notice some holes in the Bak Choi, that would because we are not using any pesticide nor fertilizer on the garden. I may use them next year, but I wanted to see how we did this year. Clearly we need to thoroughly rinse the the Bak Choi prior to using for anything that goes in my mouth. Then you chop them all up:

chopped bak choi

Actually, prior to chopping them up, we throw some eggs into boiling water to get the soft boiled eggs going. We also follow the instructions for the Maruzen Ramen, which basically consists of boiling the noodles for several minutes, adding the soup mix to the noodles. For five people, we actually use only 4 packets of ramen.

Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil in a wok and stir fry the pak choy until it's soft. Pour the ramen into a soup bowl. We actually have "ramen bowls" which we use, but any soup bowl should do. Add the soft boiled egg and the bak choi, and VOILA:

Pak Choi Ramen with Soft Boiled Egg

Probably the hardest part about the above is getting the soft boiled egg just right. Everything else is dead simple. And makes it a completely different dish from plain old instant ramen. And it takes just a few minutes to make.

Update: corrected Pak Choi to Bak Choi

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