Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today

Today, just a series of random thoughts.


As I've twat on twitter, I have a running match with my son in racquetball. We play anywhere from 5 games to 7 games. Each game is 11 points, and you have to win by 2. I start off with 20 minutes or so on a bike machine, hit the weights machine for about 10 minutes, and after a quick break our match starts.

Currently the series is tied 3-3. We played today, and although we ended up playing 10 games and going 5 games apiece at both the five game mark and the seven game mark he beat me. After that he took his game down a bit as the old man was suckin' wind. And just like that I ran of 3 straight games - all close.

It's really fun. It's competitive. After so many years of letting them win, the shoe is almost on the other foot. But not quite yet. It really is a lot of fun.

Bruce Sterling on Web 2.0

This...not sure what to call it, by Bruce Sterling on Web 2.0 is absolutely brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, read it. Hat tip to June Holley of network weaving as she twat about it on twitter.

Banned Books

Amazing. My daughter handed my a list of banned/challenged books. Mind numbing. Harry Potter, A Catcher in the Rye, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird. Wow.

Of course I was most shocked about "The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things". How could they?! Of course, you can tell it was written by a woman, because if it were a man, the title would be more like "The Earth, My Belly, and Other Big Round Things". Okay, so I'm a little sensitive about my belly.....

The only thing I can think of that leads people to ban books like this is pure, unadulterated stupidity.

When A Double Date Isn't A Double Date

Okay, so my daughter comes up to me 20 minutes before we leave to go play racquetball and says, "XXX, YYY, and ZZZ are going to the movies". So YYY and ZZZ are guys, so I look and ask her "double date?". She laughs and says "no, I'm going for xxx." Okay, I'd buy that if it wasn't for the fact that ZZZ showed up at our house and took her to the movies, and then stopped by Quiznos to pick up dinner before heading to his house to eat it. She got back after the Cavs game started....

So that's not a double date? Hell, it sounds like it to me, but I'm old and out of touch. So when is a double date a double date, and when is it not?

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