Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miscellany 3/14/2009

Couple of random thoughts. is down.  If you know me, you probably know who I host with but I will leave my providers name out of this because I actually like them.  In fact, I got a huge laugh out of why my site is down.  Support for my provider is available via IM, so on top of the email I sent mentioning that my server is down, I ask how the transition.  The provider is in the process of moving all of their equipment to a new datacenter, requiring a massive move of many, many servers, vps, etc.

Customer Support: hmmmm
Customer Support: that would account for why I have an extra machine
Customer Support:  I was supposed to take a machine, but the customer asked me why it was still up on the old IP... I replied, "I don't know, as far as I know, I've got the machine in my car"
Me: hahahahahahahahahha, now that is funny.
Customer Support:
sorry,I guess the machines weren't labeled right or I just made a mistake

So it appears the server he was supposed to move (mine wasn't scheduled until next week) is still in the old data center while mine is in the car getting ready for the move.  I just thought that was really funny, and since it's my personal server I'm not overly concerned.  It does knock out as well since the dns for JANO is running on my server, but that's okay too, since we're not talking about a site that I'm going to lose money on.

On a related note, I have decided to stay with Byteflow for my site.  While there are some huge advantages to using blogger for my blog, I'd prefer to keep my feet wet with django, etc., and byteflow is a great blog tool.  If there were an easy way of moving it to goole app engine, I'd probably do that, but per piranha's comments on my last post I'd say it's more work than I really want to attempt.  And like I mentioned in reply to piranha, I'm not displeased with Byteflow in any form or fashion. 

I will be actually cancelling the server is on though.  I only have about three sites hosted on there and one is being moved for different reasons.  Meaning I have two minor sites (including that really don't justify the amount I'm paying.  Now that I have a real job, all my email is hosted by google apps, etc., I really won't need the server.  I can move those two sites to small virtual private servers.

In fact, I recently moved JANO completely to google, so that VPS is freed up.  I'll be moving my stuff there.  It may be a while as I need to migrate JANO's dns to godaddy, but I can't do that for a little bit as I recently renewed the registration and there is a waiting period of 30 or 60 days or whatever it is.

Google Reader

I have been using google reader in place of my planets.  I'm not sure I like it.  I seem to get the same articles I've read as new articles which is really annoying.  Some of it is simply the same news item from a different source, but some are clearly the exact same article from the same source.   I'll stick with it for a while as the "sharing" and particularly "sharing with notes" is really handy.  Plus I get the fancy box you see on the upper right of this blog to go with it, and if that ain't the cats meow I don't know what is.

Repulsive Republicans

If the GOP wants to woo me to their fold they need to get a grip on reality.  Having Rush The Twit as their spokesman does the exact opposite.  As does what's her name, Anne Coulter.  And one more thing - read my lips: Separation of Church and State.  As long as the GOP is defined by the Christian Right it will not have my support.  Period.

Like you cared....

Cavs Win Again

The Cleveland Cavaliers won again last night over the Sacramento Kings.  It was ugly actually, even considering Lebron's 51 points.  But it came down to Lebron having to score 51 to pull out a win.  The Cavs haven't played really well since Ben Wallace went out with that broken leg.  While he can't score, he provides so much else on the defensive end that without him the Cavs look weak on defense.

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