Saturday, February 13, 2021

Wiki is Up

So my wiki is up and running. I still have some operational tweaks to it I'd like to make but that's all they are is tweaks at this point.

  • As a reminder, the wiki is the place where I am beginning to outline my political platform. What I mean by that is based on the events over the last year, the abomnination of the 45th President, the absolute traitorous and seditious policies pursued by the Republican Party, for the first time I registered as a Democrat. The GOP is not a political party, but can only be considered as such much in the way that Sinn Fein was the political arm of the IRA, Irish Republican Army.It is still part of a seditious domestic terrorist organization. The acquital of the 45th President where 43 Senators voted to acquit and immediately following the end of the Trial, Mitch McConnell condemns the former President as guilty to inciting and causing the Capitol Riot which just prior he voted to acquit him of those exact charges.

    The GOP is not made up of moral people (minus the 7 Republcan Senators that voted to convict). Mitch McConnell's quick flip flop clearly demonstrates that as much as he despises Trump and Trumpsters, he despises Democrats more and will sacrifice any ethics to beat them. Once that was accomplished he turned his attention to the battle over the soul of the GOP party. I don't think he realizes he's already lost it.

    It is also critical for Democrats to understand this point. It was more important to defeat Democrats than it was to convict Trump even though he realizes that Trump is an existential threat to the GOP. Moving forward, Mitch McConnell will not work with Democrats and they need to operate on that assumption.

    That was the rabbit hole of today, but the point of the wiki is nicely summed by Justin Bibb on Twitter:

    If you’re angry about today’s vote, get involved and do your part to restore our democracy. Run for office. Volunteer on a campaign. Register your friends and neighbors to vote. That’s how we change this country. #DemocracyMatters


    In other words the wiki is my attempt to define for me, my political views. I will eventually open it up to others for contribution, particularly those I trust even though we may not agree. I am guessing that some of the basic assumption I make are going to freak some people out, particularly libertarians, and pretty much anyone who thinks business is the savior of everything. Spoiler, business does not solve all problems. Also businesses are not people.

    Anyway it is an evolving site, feel free to comment here or @ me on twitter.

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