Sunday, February 07, 2021

George's First Chapter of Challenger's Chase is Released

My son George has been writing his first novel, Challenger's Chase(prologue), and instead of going the normal publishing or self-publishing route he has decided to release the book via blog posts. He just released the first chapter which can read here: I read a very early version of the first part of this chapter. Obviously the story is George's but you will also notice that it has a lot illustrations that go with it. Those are his as well.

He is releasing Challenger's Chase on his blog but he also has running blog posts as well, many focused on writing but some other more topical. Like he wrote a post on the whole Gamestop shenanigans. I think I mentioned in a previous post he also has twitter, instagram , FB and other social media accounts including his vlog on youtube.

Feel free to sponsor him on Patreon or via Paypal.

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