Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Playing with Django

It has been quite a while, probably close to a decade, since I have played with Django. Motivated partially by watching my son Ken creating an app I decided to take a look at it again. I may look at moving my website away from Google Sites which is getting worse and worse website tool. Well that's not completely fair, it makes it really easy to create really simple sites that are not awful to look at and are accessible to multiple devices (cell, desktop, etc). It is also really nicely incorporates GSuite capabilities. Maybe because I am used to being able to tweak what I use more I feel really restricted by sites.

If I do move over to Django for my website the other question is what to do with this blog. Blogger is more that sufficient for my blogging purposes and ties nicely in with photos and youtube making some of the things we probably want to do with our website. But it would also be nice to have everything in one place.

Plus it is just fun to "develop" (cut and paste code) a web site.

One other reason I am looking at doing a website with Django is that I want to deploy it to a cloud. This desire is partially to teach myself to use the cloud for something which I can then apply to the teams that I am supporting at work. As we move more and more to the cloud more of the teams I support will be cloud-based and I'd like to keep up with the technology at least conceptually. Building a website, blog or what have you that I develop and host in the cloud will help me do that.

I will be trying Google Cloud as opposed to AWS, Amazon's market leading cloud service. Azure, Microsoft's cloud service seems to have the second largest market share but if you know me I'm not interested in Microsoft.

I may end up trying to build a website/blog and deploying them to both Google Cloud and Amazon AWS just to see the differences in process, ease, and cost. It'll be neat little experiment.

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