Monday, November 09, 2020

Vegan 21 Day Diet

Starting on November 1st, I am following the 21 Day Vegan diet as outlined in Sharon Gannon's Yoga and Veganism book. I will be making some changes to it as I don't think it contains enough greens. This post will outline what I'll be doing from November 1st until November 21st. I'll first review what Sharon recommends in her book, clarify how I am adapting it and why.

The 21 Day Vegan Diet as outlined in Sharon's book is fairly easy. There are only really two meals per day, not limit on how much you can eat at those two meals. However, what you can eat is limited.

20 Minutes Prior to eating take Prebiotics and Digestion Enzimes with Aloe Vera juice (1-2 ounces).
Also drink a cup of tea or a class of water
Hot Oatmeal (nothing added)
After eating take multivitamins
20 Minutes Prior to eating take Prebiotics and Digestion Enzimes with Aloe Vera juice
20 minutes before eating drink a glass of water
and a side dish of sauerkraut(1-2 tablespoons worth)
Green salad "smoothie"
After eating take horsetail herb supplement

That's it. If you take out twenty minutes before, etc., what it comes down to is plain hot oatmeal for breakfast and kitchari, as "salad smoothie" and a side of sauerkraut for dinner. For twenty one days.

I believe that are three important goals this plan is trying to accomplish. The first is to reset palate by having relatively bland meals for 21 days. It will particulary reset the palate with regards to salt and sugar, and the texture of added oils will also become unappetizing.

The second piece is making it easy for the digestive system to digest what you are eating. Hence the digestive enzymes with or prior to the meals. The fact that your greens are blended, means you are drinking what you would normally eat. Any vitamins etc that you might miss are covered by the multivitamins you take in the morning.

The third is to reduce your intake of calories. By drinking water or tea in advance you feel less hungry and are less likely to eat alot during any given meal. Over 21 days this will become relatively normal particularly if you stick to a whole food, plant based diet with a lot of fiber, you'll feel fuller faster with less calorie intake (but more nutrient intake!)

My plan

So I buy into the whole change the palate this and other goals this plan is trying to achieve. I'm even good with trying all the supplements they suggest. I am not really good with the drinking the calories, call me brainwashed by the Esselstyns. Also the variety is a little thin for me so I'm going to add some food that doesn't quite meet the requirements of what they are trying to do. But for my health, I think it is important, at this stage for me, to use some of the knowledge I have to tweak the plan. My plan is almost as simple:

Hot Oatmeal or Savory Oats or Oatmeal cereal
Potatoes (optional
Green Salad or Kale w/Balsamic Vinegar
Salad or Kale w/Balsamic

So by potatoes I mean any combination in which I make them, baked potatoes which I normally use pepper and nutrititional yeast with, potato wedges with rosemary, pepper and garlic granules, or smokey little devils (this I may not due because the hummus has tahini in it. For now I'm giving myself permission). When I say oatmeal cereal I am talking about my ripoff of Rip's Big Bowl with unsweetened soy milk. I know that the book was fairly clear on the hot oatmeal having no non-dairy milk on it, the cold version needs it in my opinion. I'll eat the cold oatmeal only be once in a while but particularly when I am feeling a little extra hungry or needing something sweet.

Today in November 9th and when I weighed in this morning I have dropped 10 pounds since November 1st. That is not too shabby. I'm through the sugar withdrawal but not through the cravings/habit of sweet food. Also I'm missing my peanut butter. I think I also struggle at those times during the day where I'd use food, nuts, peanut butter on bread/toast, as a way to distract myself. So I am constantly thinking of going to grab something to eat. Defintely a problem of being at home all day due to the pandemic. Early on I got very used to grabbing a bite or two of food between meetings what have you. Keeping to the plan means I can't do that and I keep catching myself wanting to go get food.

I'll check in when this is done, on the 21st, if not sooner. Cheers.

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