Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Tao Te Ching Verse - Week #28

UPDATE: I have now I idea how this got published with Verse 26 and 27 in it instead of Verse 28. Verse 26 and 27 were already posted here. I am updating this post with Verse 28.

What a busy week this was! We finished the Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue, at work we did planning for the quarter, worked with one of my teams to do an agile assessment that should help them create their OKRs for quarter one. I subbed at Hyland for the wonderful Colleen Alber on Tuesday night, had dinner with a friend on Wednesday night, taught my sober yogis class at Soul Stretch Yoga on Friday night, and Fitworks on Sunday. I got home late Friday night having a long talk with one of the people who came to the yoga class and discussion our. I overslept and missed Marni's class but I made it at Cleveland Yoga on Sunday morning.

But Tuesday and Thursday were the days I was really jazzed about. On Tuesday, some participants got their "after blood work done and we met at lunch for the results reveal.

Here we are with the peace sign of Rip's "Peace, Engine Two, Plant Strong" mantra. Can you see who joined us for the lunch? Yup, Jane Esselstyn of Health Care is Self Care and Rip's sister, more importantly my friend.

We had some amazing results from the Seven Day Rescue. Here is a screenshot of the average results and the top number for each category.

These results are incredible. Granted not every one shared their results and we had at least one person drop out. But still the numbers are incredible! An average of 5 pounds lost in just seven days, and a max of 11 pounds lost. The numbers just speak for themselves.>

Watching the participants through the week though was probably the most rewarding. Many were staring daggers at me on the third day when the didn't feel so good, the felt lethargic and with some headaches, etc. But by day seven the energy in the room at the result reveal was palpable. People were in better spirits(happier, more cheerful), more energy and talkative. One women that the experience meant a lifestyle change for her, she was bought in. Another said everyone in the company should go through it, which is a perfect segway into my Thursday. But first check out the pics for the raffle we had and the cutting board Jane's husband Brian made for me. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Picking up on the comment from one participant said that everyone at Hyland should do the Seven Day Rescue, Julie, our Dietitian, and I got together for an hour to brainstorm our proposal to conduct the Seven Day Rescue on a quarterly basis. Julie already conducts Nutrition Education classes quarterly so we were able to figure in a schedule that would start with a Seven Day Rescue which would end the week before her nutrition classes started. I think we came up with a really good proposal that will set participants up to succeed. My hope and dream is that it gets approved and we become a model for other companies around the country. But first things first we need to make sure we can get the proposal approved.

Welcome to this week's Tao Te Ching verse. See here for what this is all about. 

Verse 28
Know the male,
yet keep to the female:
receive the world in your arms.
if you receive the world, the Tao will never leave you
and you will be like a little child.
Know the white
yet keep to the black:
be a pattern for the world.
If you are a pattern for the world,
the Tao will be strong inside you
and there will be nothing you can't do
Know the personal
yet keep to the impersonal:
accept the world as it is.
If you accept the world,
the Tao will be luminous inside you
and you will return to your primal self.
The world is formed from the void,
ylike utensils from a block of wood.
The Master knows the utensils,
yes keeps to the block;
Thus she can use all things.

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