Monday, January 05, 2015

Holiday Hold Update

Happy Post Holidays! So how was your Holiday Hold? Here is a quick post to let you know where I am at with mine.

I pretty much crushed it, losing 10 pounds! As I tweeted, I celebrated a little bit this afternoon per the picture below.

As always, my ending weigh-in took place at Hyland pretty much first thing in the morning. It is a clothed weigh in but I wear light clothes similar to the clothes I had on at the starting weigh-in. My final weight was 157 pounds on the dot. This is a 10 pound drop! Or a 5.9% percentage weight loss. Those kind of numbers make me confident that I'll reach my 150lbs while I am still 50 - my 2014 resolution. ;-) I still have four months to go to make my goal. According to my weigh-in I was at 154.2 pounds which means that I have a little over 4 pounds to lose in four months. I am guessing that 1 pound per month is doable

Besides the new iPad I got for Christmas I also got a fitbit. It's pretty cool, particularly the sleep tracking. I am thinking though that I'd rather have the ChargeHR instead so I'd be able to track my heart rate. It's still pretty cool though. And because I am nowhere near 10,000 steps per day normally I get pushed a little bit. On the other hand it may get a little annoying at some point.

Time to find out what how the siblings did on the Holiday Hold.

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