Saturday, December 06, 2014

Congrats Bro

So my brother was one of nine public officials recognized by Governing magazine for 2014. As you may know he is currently the General Manager of DC Water Way to go bro! We are all, as always, proud of you. George is the one in the upper left corner of the picture below.

Governing Article:
Introducing the 2014 Public Officials of the Year

I went to and what do I see on the top page? A big picture of Cleveland! Check it out, it's an article about where people have lived the longest.

The caption under the picture is

Cleveland has a large share of natives who have lived in their residences for a long time.

Now unfortunately it isn't necessarily a "feel good" article. It is about the fact that the declining populations of some cities, particularly in the rustbelt. Often times the people remaining behind are those that are more economically challenged that may not be able to afford to move.

Regardless I thought it was a pretty cool coincidence!

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