Monday, January 03, 2011

Mangini Fired

Okay, so Eric Mangini was fired. I'm not surprised really. Those last four or five games were just horrible. I trust Holmgren so far. At a minimum his insistence on getting Colt McCoy seems like it's going to pay off. So if Holmgren decided that Mangini isn't the answer that's okay by me. And some of the decisions Mangini made and what I understand about Holmgren's preferences offensively, I can see why he would decide that Eric is just not a coach that fits the desired mold.

But as I said yesterday, Mike Holmgren needs to stop all talk and speculation of him possibly coaching. He has the most important job in the Browns organization and as far as I can tell there is still a long way to go. He also needs to put himself in the mindset of mentoring a coach.

I personally have no preference for a replacement coach. However, I will repeat my mantra of stability, stability, stability. The next coach needs to be here for a long time, regardless of what happens over the first couple of years. President Holmgren needs to mentor, guide, and direct the new coach in the proper direction while letting that coach make his/her own mistakes from which to grow.

I'll also say that I think Mangini will be back eventually and he will be an excellent Head Coach. You wait and see, he will.

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