Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cleveland Browns Beat Themselves

Today, the Cleveland Browns had their season opener in Tampa Bay, and after looking really good for the most part in the first half, last year's high school team returned.

Okay this is my breakdown of the Cleveland - Tampa Bay game. If you want real breakdowns by people that understand the game better than I do, go see WFNY. This is my take, and I'm just a fan that's never played nor really understands the nuances of the game. WFNY and others do.

But I've watched to know that while the players have to take alot of the blame, the offensive play calling is bad an inconsistent. This inconsistency was very visible last year, and the complete disappearance of the offense in the second half against Tampa Bay.

I have not been a fan of Brian Daboll, an this game only strengthens my dislike for him. Besides the fact that the offense seems to go all conservative for no apparent reason, why on earth do you have Harrison running when you're pinned down on your own 10? I'm a fan of Harrison, but Hollis is a pounder who for the most part will get a minimum of 3 yards even when there's really nowhere to go. Harrison needs some openings. On clearly running plays where the defense is set up to stop the run Harrison is not going to do as well as Hollis and Vickers.

Yes, Hollis had two fumbles (1 recovered, 1 lost), but he's still a pounder and should be the runner. I don't care if he fumble it twice already. Harrison fumble last game twice though it was only a pre-season game.

Also, it's clear that Jake Delhomme was hurt. As the person responsible for the offense, you have to pull him out of the game. Although Jake did have that boneheaded play at the end of the first half that led to a Tampa touchdown, I'm not convinced his poor throwing in the second half wasn't caused by his injury. It just seems too coincidental that he starts throwing badly after being hurt.

And boy did the play calling stink. It's going to be a long season if Daboll doesn't get better soon. Of course, as I've already tweeted, I'd rather just see him gone.

And that leads me to Eric Mangini. I called for his head in September of last year. What I saw in pre-season has given me hope that he might be getting better. Does he actually do anything during the game? Does he over-ride his coordinators at all? Is he aware of what is going on or does he only look at stats and film after the game?

Why was Delhomme still in there if he was injured? Why wasn't a timeout called with a little over 1 minute on 4th an 3 or something? At this point, I'm willing to give him the full season without calling for his head. Who is making the call to bench Hollis for the fumbles even when you are short of time and need a pounding, grind out some yards runner because your inside your 10 yard line?

My problems with Mike Brown as coach of the Cavs was that he did not have a real offensive scheme, and couldn't make in-game adjustments. This seems to similarly apply to the Browns, except that we have an offensive coordinator. Just not a good one (my bet is that his next stint as a OC will be much, much better). At some point, you have to override folks, and play Jake, the timeout, and conservative play calling needs to be overrode.

Am I the only one who looks like he stands on the sideline an scowls. I realize I only see what the boob tube shows me, but I don't think I've ever see him do anything proactively. He'll say something to somebody after a play, what-have-you, but I don't see him proactively asking for adjustments.

Having said that though, the players need to step up and play better. Many of them are on twitter apologizing to the fans and asking us to stay with them. Listen guys, don't ask me on twitter to stay as a fan. Ask me with your play on the field. I think that the defense did that for the most part. The second half offense on the other hand didn't show up at all. And in the end we lost to a bad Tampa team which does not bode well for the season. So I thank you for the thoughts, but I want to see more fire to win and less social media sucking up.

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