Friday, May 21, 2010


If you've got a few minutes, check this video out of my niece presenting on what she learned during her gap year.

What are the barriers to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment? What are the walls? Through a mix of slam poetry and narrative story-telling, Genevieve Moss-Hawkins passionately and compellingly describes the complex reality of the HIV/AIDS story in South Africa and around the world.

My niece whom is attending Brown University in September, actually graduated from high school a year ago. She decided to take a "gap year" since she felt burnt out from all the AP and Honors classes, soccer and other school activities. She was accepted to the Thinking Beyond Borders program which takes 16 students and 3 teachers to 8 different countries to experience those cultures while providing necessary volunteer work.

For more details on what sounds like a truly excellent program see their website at The have a whole bunch of videos up on youtube: Thinking Beyond Borders on Youtube

I actually heard about this video from my daughter who saw it originally on facebook. As you know, I am severely reducing my footprint on facebook, so I emailed Thinking Beyond Borders and asked them to put it up on YouTube which they kindly did. (Thank you, Robin!).

I thought this was an absolutely great video. Of course, I'm biased being Genevieve's uncle. What do you think?

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