Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seed Catalog Arrived

Just noticed that my seed catalog arrived today. I believe that I asked them to send me on via the web. Considering the fact that the weather is clearly getting warmer - it was gorgeous today here in Cleveland - it's time to start planning for the garden.

seed catalog pic

If I'm not mistaken, the catalog was recommended to me by a colleague of mine at work. I have yet to actually look at what is in the catalog, but if I recall correctly they offer some very interesting seeds that I'd never be able to find at a local garden store. In particular, it had some asian vegetable seeds that I wanted.

This year I think I am going to double the size of the garden. As last year was my first time with a full blown garden, I didn't do too well on the spacing of the plants. I also started too late in the season to be really successful. So this year I hope to start earlier.

Speaking of which, it's also time to start my Sakura Watch for this year. We have a cherry tree in the back yard, and last year I took pictures of the buds to try and estimate when it would be in full blossom. Based on that I was hoping to head out to the Brookside Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks to check out the 130 or so cherry trees donated by JANO.

Oh, and I almost forgot! We have a bunch of cherry seeds to plant! Time to yank the seeds out of the refrigerator and get them started.

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