Saturday, May 23, 2009


This year I'm trying my hand at setting up a vegetable garden. We are trying to start almost everything from seeds, but since we started late, I did breakdown and by some at a store.

We have radish, green beans, tomatoes, chingensai, bitaminsai, onions, green onions and sunflowers. All of these were grown from seeds. We also have store bought plants including corn, green peppers, japanese eggplants, watermelon, a grape vine, strawberries, and pumpkin. We have a big back yard so we tilled two areas for the garden. We were able to fence in one of the gardens, but the other one we just have to hope that the fact that the yard is fenced will keep the bad bunnies out. Unfortunately, I already know that this is a failure. In particular there is a really big ground hog which appears to live under the shed. I am transplanting some mint from the front garden, and may move some our plentiful chives. I'm hoping the chives and mint will help be a natural pesticide. Thinking of getting some marigolds as well, since I was unable to get any to grow from seeds.

I hope to update the photo album as the garden progresses. I'm hoping it'll be successful, even if we did start late. In particular, I'm interested in how the tomatoes do as I started them from seeds and was quite successful. We have about 26 of them. I hope I wasn't too late in starting them...

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