Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boston Fans = Whiners

I've been enjoying reading Boston fans whine about the Cavs dancing in the aisles in their recent blowout of the Celtics at the Q. This from fans that had nothing to say when the Celtics did it, don't say a word when Beckett takes a cheap shot at Abreau, say nothing about Allen's supremely cheap shot at Andy's nuts. And in tonight's game against the 76ers, the team already has FOUR FIVE technical fouls. (Of course, it's Joey Crawford, so the techs are probably questionable)

Hell, they even had a reporter ask the Commish about the dancing for god's sake. Effin' whiners.

Now, of course I'm sure that most Boston fans aren't whining, and I really shouldn't even think about considering the folks leaving comments on sportsillustrated.com or espn as representative of Boston fans. But the whining just is incredible.

See, after 45 years I want to celebrate even non-game for the Celtics like its the finals. Visions of the fumble, the drive, red right 88, etc., just make it too clear to me that any small victory is worth celebrating. Because as good as the Cavs are, they play in Cleveland. So while I think they are the best team in the league, I can't shake the sense that something will go wrong.

More specifically, Lebron's taunt scares the dickens out of me. While the Cavs are the best team in the league, the Celtics are certainly right there with them, a fabulous team. What Lebron taunt you ask? Well I read a quote somewhere that said something like if they think we disrepected them, they should do something about it. Oh man, talk about locker room bulletin board material!

The Celts fans should be pleased with the dancing, because the Celts will need something to get them over the home court advantage the Cavs have. My fear is that Lebron and crew just did it.

So I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Which kind of saddens me for tomorrow's game where Lebron and Z probably won't play. So much for the 40-1 home record which I also wanted to see.

Go Cavs!

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