Tuesday, March 02, 2021

GOP is not a viable party in a healthy Democracy

The title of this blog post says it all, the GOP as it stands today is not a viable political party in a Democracy. This is not to suggest there isn't room for "conservatives" or "fiscal conservates". I will most likely disagree with them but those views are certainly welcome in a democracy. As are the views that are probably more progressive than my own. I didn't in fact register as a Democrat until last year when I felt the dissonace of the GOP with a Democracy, the importance of removing Trump from office. I will admit that over the last year I am leaning way more progressive than I was, way more certain of systemic racism and the influence of white supremacy in not only the GOP but in our military and law enforcement organizations.

Recent Congressional Hearings on the January 6, 2021 Insurrection had Ron Johnson suggesting that the armed attack was not an insurrection, were not Trump supporters but were rather "agents-provocateurs" (i.e. implying Antifa) and those agents were responsible for the storming of the Capitol. He apparently was reading in part from some articles from someone else, the author of which goes much further in conpiracy theories. Check out this CNN article. Not one GOP Senator or Representative challenged or called him out on pedaling unsubstantiated, contrary to all evidence, conspiracy theories. This is the stuff of Jewish Space Lasers.

This is just one example. Further examples are the increased attempts by local, regional, and state level GOP to supress votes. Similar to John Halderman admitting that the war on drugs was really politically motivated and that the reasoning to pursue those policies were lies, the methods and reasoning for the voter suppression activities is simply due to the fact that the one GOPer said in Georgia recently, we can't win if everybody votes or something similar.

The recently ended CPAC, or Conservative Political Action Conference, we exceedingly clear that "conservative" no longer means "financially conservative", hawkish internationally, or even pro-life. None of those matter, although to individuals they may, the overarching platorm says that "conservativism" holds Trump to be a god, idolizing him. For them a Trump dictatorship is preferable to democracy and American Freedom. Conservatism now means more than anything idolization of Donald Trump and suppression of democracy.

It is hard to tell what turnout for this was but in every picture I saw I was not impressed with the number of people I was seeing. Then again I have never been to one so I don't what the numbers would be normally. I find it frustrating that the news doesn't seem to report the context of these thing just that putrid content coming out of the conference. The presses treating this conference as anything other than a direct attack on American Democracy strengthens the conviction that we need to revisit our 4th estate because it is failing us.

In the end Mitch McConnell folded in less than two weeks, Mit Romney once again flip flopped on taking an ethical stance. These are people that said Donald Trump was responsible for the 1/6/2021 insurrection. They are demonstrating that they are more in favor of supporting Donald Trump than democracy and this is now the default GOP platform - Donnie over Democracy. When there are only two parties in a democracy, and one is anti-democratic you don't have healthy democracy.

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