Sunday, November 30, 2014

Writeslikeshetalks - Senator Warren goes after Walmart

Ah, Walmart. Arisa Hawkins went to Walmart yesterday as final shot at getting some Christmas Ornaments - everywhere else was sold out of the item she was looking for. Yes, she's very picky. Anyway, somebody approached and asked her if she was the one selling food stamps.

Rumors have it the lady really needed to be talking to the Russian mafia since they're the ones selling the food stamps. And Arisa does not look Russian. Chinese or Korean maybe, but not Russian.

Anyway, saw an interesting article by Jill entitled "How Much Walmart Gave To Ohio Legislative Candidates, as U.S. Senator Warren Goes After Walmart". I was talking to someone at work about minimum wages, Walmart and other places that don't pay a living wage. Clearly raised in a "Tea Party" family he very much espouses the mantra that the wages are between Walmart and the employee, that it's a contract.

I have two thoughts. Well more than that but for the purposes of this post only two.

First, I alway find it interesting that this person thinks of themselves as Christian and yet they are the meanest most spiteful people to the poor or economically challenged, those that need help the most. There is a complete lack of ability to empathize - I specifically tried to get this person to put themselves in the minimum wage earners shoes and they kept saying "I'd never be in that position". Clearly lacks empathy but also says to me that this person doesn't really understand the vagaries of life and how hard it can be to *anyone*.

This characteristic is certainly nothing I attribute to being Christian. In fact it seems to be diametrically opposed to the teaching of Christ.

Of course, I may not be the best judge of what a Christian is.

Second, this person's absolute inability to see that when these people do not get paid living wages it absolutely impacts everyone astonishes me. This impact is what Jill's article clearly points out; we subsidize corporations by funding medicaid so those that can't afford it can get healthcare. Someone has to pay for their sustenance and care.

Unless of course you are hard-hearted enough to let them fester and die. But I think we'd all like them to be able to pay for it themselves which means paying them a living wage. Yes, perhaps the price of my China produced products may go up to reflect that but that is the cost of ensuring that all Americans can pay their own way to eat and maintain their health.

Anyway, see Jill's blog for the details. It's interesting to say the least.

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