Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Hold - From Work To Family

Every year the company I work for (Hyland Software) sponsors a "Holiday Hold". I think a lot of companies implement similar programs whether on a enterprise level or in specific divisions or departments. Some acquaintances have said that their company does it on a departmental basis. Hyland does it on an company-wide basis.

The Holiday Hold is a challenge to keep your weight the same or reduce it over the Holidays. According to the study linked to Americans on average gain only one pound over the holidays - but that pound is a pound that is never lost. So after thirty years Americans on average will gain 30 pounds. Of course I added that amount of weight in two years after quitting smoking.

So this year, both Arisa and I are taking the challenge.

The way the program works is that you weigh in prior to Thanksgiving and then on January 2nd weigh in again. If you maintain or decrease your weight you receive a reward. Last year I believe it was a cup and a $20 gift card. They have not announced what the reward for this year, but that's really not why I'm doing it. I am doing it as part of my battle to lose weight.

I took the challenge last year and failed, gaining 2 (two) pounds. This year I am doing it because I want to succeed, not so I can get a reward - though I won't turn a reward down either. :-)

On Monday, I weighed in at 178.9. This is a baffling number. While I was wearing clothes which add about two pounds in my experience which would put me about 176 pounds (about 78.5kg), I was 172.2 on Sunday morning. I "worked out1" for about three hours on Sunday and did not eat that much - I was keeping to my new smaller portions and diet. On Monday morning though I was 176.8 which completely baffles me.

Regardless, that is my starting weight. 178.9 as weighed by the folks at Be Well Solutions Arisa is also participating in the Holiday Hold. While it's not as apparent to most folks Arisa has also put on weight in the last year or so. So while she doesn't need to lose a whole lot of weight she certainly doesn't want to gain any. So she is participating too. Her participation get me to thinking to extend that offer to my siblings. I first reached out to one of my brothers who agreed to participate - he's already lost over 20 pounds this year! But I plan to email my sister and other brother and see if they want to participate as well. I am posting my weight because I think it needs to be open and transparent - helps keep us honest somewhat. I am going to see if my siblings want their's public or not in addition to participating.

Rob: Starting weight 178.9

George: Starting weight 176.5

Dan: Starting weight 2185

How about you? You want to join us? Leave a comment with your first name and starting weight(optional). No rewards, just good feelings of accomplishment.

edited to add George's starting weight

12/22/2013: Edited to add Dan's pre-Thanksgiving weight.

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