Saturday, October 13, 2012

Google TV

As I ramp up towards Christmas and getting a large screen HDTV my real question is what exactly does   provide me with that is of any use at all?  Well this post answers part of that question. Via  I can access movies, music, and TV.  That is really handy.

Kinda.  Clearly it is nice since I'm a 'droid user on my cell phone, a Chrome user on my Windows/Linux laptop, the integration with my Google Apps ( and  to start) and  is a benefit.  Similar UIs to my phone and PC is also a benefit.  It's Google so that's cool too, right?

However, as a consumer of "TV services" I still don't get it.  I currently use AT&T U-Verse for my internet and tv services.  AT&T U-Verse has the ability to 1) DVR four channels at once and 2) watch the same or different programs at the two TVs we have in the house at the same time.  I can get movies on demand via this same service and the price of those movies can be quite inexpensive.

Now, AT&T doesn't really provide me with any particular value but since Google doesn't provide actual TV services or Internet services I still need AT&T.  Netflix, Amazon, etc., provide me with all sorts of loyalty programs, incentives to keep using them.  For example, now that I have been using Amazon for a long time their recommendations are darn solid.  I also have a fairly extensive wish list on Amazon as well.

 Does Google and/or Google TV offer that type of personalization?  Do I get a discount for something for being an apps, gmail, android, chrome, you name it Google Fan Boy?  Not that I know of  I do get that I am getting almost of these great services and products for free of charge, so that's a huge value to me right there (and google gets to advertise to me for payment of those services rendered)  But this time you are asking me to shell out $99 (for this) at a minimum.  Sony's stuff is even more expensive.  

I still don't see the value proposition.  Can anybody help me solve this puzzle?

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