Sunday, April 01, 2012

Council Rejects Lease Settlement - No Gas Wells in the Park

As I posted here and here, Highland Heights City Council has been deliberating an resolution that would allow Mayor Coleman to sign a lease with Bass Energy to place two gas wells on property within the Community Park as part of a lawsuit settlement. This last Tuesday while I was in Chicago on business City Council voted on the resolution.

City Council rejected the resolution which means the gas wells will not be placed in the community park. What it also means though is that the $7 million lawsuit will start back up since a settlement(the resolution) couldn't be reached.

Here are some additional articles on the issue:

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It'll be interesting to see what happens next but for me the main message seemed to be delivered that we don't want gas wells in the park, and hopefully nowhere near the Euclid Creek watershed. But we'll see since greed is an ever present problem.

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