Friday, March 09, 2012

Highland Heights Gas Well Info - Important Meeting

I received this in an email from a concerned citizen.  It's really surprising to me that they would want to start fracking in our community park.  I get the idea that it's generate money, but at what cost?  





Several years ago Bass Energy sued the city, insisting it had the right to drill gas wells in our Community Park.  A judge didn't let them drill. She sent them to arbitration instead.

Rather than arbitrate, some Council members want to roll over and let Bass Energy drill two "frac" gas wells in the park--near the tennis courts and the pool. Bass plans to install a major gas line along the walking path that links Bishop Road to the park too. 

Council will vote to accept or reject that drilling plan on March 13th. 

Is Council's Drilling Plan O.K. with You? 

There is no going back once the drilling starts. It's a forever kind of thing. 

 In 2008, 3,607 Highland Height residents (73%) voted to amend the city Charter to protect the Community Park from gas wells. You'd think that message was pretty clear, yet 4 years later some Council members are—once again--- willing to put our kids and our property at risk by allowing "frac" gas wells to be drilled in the park. 

If residents sit by and do nothing, Council may go forward with its drilling plan. 

You Can Make a Difference

Come join us on March 13th. Be a visible reminder that our kids' safety comes 1st.

Our plan: gather silently outside City Hall starting at 7:30 pm and then attend the 8 p.m. Council meeting. You don't have to speak. Your presence is enough. Bring everyone you know: your spouse, kids, friends and family. Do it for yourself, for them, for the park, and for future generations to come. 

These are our representatives. Let's get their attention!

Tuesday, March 13th, Highland Heights City Hall, 7:30 p.m.


Love Our Green Space (LOGS),   David & Sandra (Sam) Lees, 440.343.2826



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