Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mayfield Fine Foods

Arisa and I went shopping today to get some extra things for our family bbq tonight. After shopping at Giant Eagle for our stuff, we went to Micro Center at East Gate and then to Best Buy to do some comparison shopping on laptops. Elly is going to get herself a laptop to replace her Dell netbook which she doesn't feel is sufficient for when she starts college at American University in August. In particular, I was looking at laptop pricing and system specs so I could compare them to the employee purchase program prices.

Anyway, on our way out of the Best Buy parking lot my wife notices a sign for "Mayfield Fine Foods". She asks me, "What's that?". Since I have zero idea as to what it was, I said "no clue, wanna go find out?"

So we did.

Turns out that Mayfield Fine Foods is a grocery store (not surprising) that specializes in Eastern European foods and products. Arisa and I had a great time walking around trying to figure out what things were. On many items they had English translations but on some they did not.

The staff and Mayfield Fine Foods were really outgoing and helpful. After we did the first run through to gauge where things were generally, we went around again and this time asked for some help in figuring out what things were. For example, what's "headcheese"? I can read the English, but I have no idea what it is. The explanation we got was that is was basically a concoction for sliced meat for sandwiches. Still no idea what that really means, so we bought it. ;-)

headcheese rusfood

We also got some European Rye Bread which is really dense. Of course, since we have the rye bread we need some cheese to go along with it. So we grabbed some Bulgarian Sheep's cheese.

european rye breadBulgarian Sheep Cheese

I saw some soft drinks that looked interesting so I grabbed a Guarana from Brazil (why it's in a eastern European grocery store, I have no clue, but it was only $.99 so I grabbed it), but I also grabbed something that looked like Root Beer. It wasn't. Turns out it's a soft drink made out of rye.

rye soft drink #1rye soft drink #2

We also got some Bavarian wieners so we can have some for our family BBQ tonight.

bavarian wieners

At the cash register, my wife notices some "red caviar". They ask us if we know how to eat/prepare it, and we say yes Arisa is Japanese. And they say, "ah yes Sushi. Want to know another way of eating it? Try it on rye bread with just a little bit of unsalted butter spread on it." So that's what were going to do. Kids don't know it yet, and Elly in particular will get a real kick out of it since she really likes ikura.

If you interested, you might want to check it out.

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