Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mayfield City Schools Artfest

Today, Arisa and I went to see the Mayfield City School's Artfest at Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights. As you would expect with student artists, there are some that are pretty darn good, and others not so much. Couple of the artists were kids we know from soccer or something else.

Most importantly, though, Elly's boyfriend had a painting on display.

Didn't realize he was into self-portraits! Of course I'm kidding.

Seriously, though, check out some of the art that I grabbed with my crappy cell phone camera.

You may notice that I labelled one of them "Copy Cat?". The only reason is that when we saw it we thought of George's pencil eraser crumbs and cheeze wax masterpiece:

Hopefully George will make something next year that will make the exhibit.

If you are interested, the Artfest runs from today (4/25) until May 14th.

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