Friday, July 03, 2009

IE7 and Google Spreadsheet Form

Ah, so I was planning on posting a form related to JANO, and happened to be using my laptop from work(kids are using mine right now). The JANO board meetings are open to any member of JANO, but we do need to get some kind of head count since we hold the board meetings at Shuhei in Beachwood.

By happenstance, I am using google docs spreadsheet to create the rsvp form. In IE7. I make the changes and go to take a look at the form and all there is are question marks where text should be. I whip open the same url in Firefox and it renders perfectly. No wonder we've had no rsvps before; they can't read the damn form (the majority of access is via IE). I only have two thoughts:

  1. Come on people, use Firefox
  2. Why does Microsoft have such a hard problem making a good browser

Unfortunately this time around it's not the browser I don't think. At a minimum, Safari on Windows has the exact same issue as IE7. FWIW, on Linux using FF, Chrome, Konqi, Opera, and Flock all work perfectly. Could it be something about the windows platform? Just maybe?

Nah, couldn't be.

Anyhoo, Google really needs to make these forms html valid. While I will give them it's awful close, there are errors. And they provide you with no way to "tweak" the form, i.e, specify the character set or language. And the place < br> everywhere, particularly places that per the spec are not allowed to be. Granted the idea is that you can easily create a form on the web where the responses are automatically saved in a spreadsheet. If the form become unreadable though, regardless of how easy it is to create it's useless. And all I would need would be able to pick a character set or language for the form and the browsers would render it perfectly, regardless of the operating system and/or browser.

Additionally, it would be really nice if you could create links in the text. I can imagine that may be a security thing though.

So this time around I can only blame another google beta quality service. Not that I'm really complaining since it's all free anyway.

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